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Hello and welcome to Olympus!  We’re on a mission to empower people, in sports and in life.

Founded by James Marvin and Jay Fisher in 2010 under the name Eleven Hockey, our business was originally focused on manufacturing, product innovation, and private label services. However, in early 2012 we began expanding into digital services and eventually decided to change our name to Olympus.

The new name was inspired by the famous Mount Olympus from Greek mythology. This ancient mountain was once called the home of gods, but in more recent times has been scaled by men. It’s the perfect representation of our belief in the human potential to overcome our basic mortal limitations and reach ever higher pinnacles of achievement.

Every performer has the right to become a legend, and so we’ve dedicated ourselves to providing the knowledge, resources, and community to make sure that happens. From forging key alliances with dietitians to enlisting the aid of professional athletes to recruiting the support of your favorite brands, Olympus is the virtual home to competitors and champions from around the world.

Our Products

An Olympus Live account enables you to showcase your passion and ability like no other profile online, but don’t take our word for it. Sign up now.

Shoppers can access a wide array of products. These aren’t just limited to the same old products from established brands, but rather include equipment and services from a large selection of companies, both new and old. Thanks to the Olympus Seller program, consumers can access specialized, novel products from startups, small brands, and even individuals. This creates a dynamic atmosphere full of new and innovative solutions never before seen in the world of sports.

Sellers (BETA)
Olympus is in the stage of its Seller Program, an ecommerce solution designed to leverage the creativity of independent brands and promote their products and services to the masses. This instant access to consumers will help these companies refine their product offerings and develop a fan base. To request early access to the Olympus Seller Program, please contact business development.

Career (ALPHA)
Do what you love is a common mantra, but taking action on that statement is another ballgame entirely. Or at least it was. Olympus is solving that very problem by creating a digital ecosystem where businesses, athletes, teams, and fans can join together for more than just the love of the game. These career services help individuals discover their passion, develop their skills, and identify opportunities to make a profit.

Skill Center (ALPHA)
Enter the exciting new world of performance optimization and lifestyle hacking. Smart tools powered by reams of statistics and scientific data isolate and predict every weakness, then provide tailored strategies for growth based on your Olympus Live account. This digital gymnasium is the perfect place to develop your skills, plan your diet and workout routines, and hone every facet of your game.